I wanted to take a moment to comment on my continued excellent experience with the Taipei Eye Clinic.

I have been seeing Dr. Richard Wu, Ms. Connie Tsung and Ms. Alice Ballard since moving to Taiwan in 2007. For these almost 7 years, I have always experienced top level service and eye care from them and wanted to offer my sincere appreciation.

I was born with a rare eye condition that includes ⋯⋯many issues and have been seeing eye doctors since I was an infant. I have seen top level professionals in the United States, including the world-renown doctors at the University of Iowa Hospital, as well as top optometrists in New York City. I can say with utmost certainty that the dedicated attention and care I've received at the Taipei Eye Clinic is the very best I've ever encountered. I have always been seen in a timely manner and the staff here has gone above and beyond normal measures in successfully locating contact lenses and glasses that have worked wonderfully for me. Whenever an eye issue arose, I was met with immediate and immaculate attention. It is because of the hard work and dedication of these people mentioned above that I am able to see well today living abroad in Taiwan.

I highly recommend this clinic to any persons seeking the very best in professional eye care. Thank you so much Taipei Eye Clinic.
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